Supporting Seed Sovereignty

Featuring Blue Corn Polenta & Calabacitas

What Makes Your Cooking Experience Unique:

LEARN: about Seed Sovereignty is the right of a farmer to save, use, exchange, and sell their own seeds. When farmers save seeds, the seeds become strong, resilient, and able flourish in challenging environments. The blue corn flour that we will be using is a result of generations saving precious seeds! 

THE RECIPE: No matter you’re skill level, you’ll learn how to make a creamy & smooth porridge (or polenta) with the blue corn flour, butter, and salt. Then we’ll make calabacitas, a classic New Mexican dish, of sautéed mixture of squash, corn, onions, and we’ll add a some red chile for some spice.

MEET THE FARMER: You’ll hear from Lorenzo Candelaria, a 7th generation farmer in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Lorenzo has collected blue corn seeds from different Indigenous pueblos around New Mexico and planted them in his South Valley farm, creating a drought-resistant crop that thrives in our increasingly dry desert environment. Every season Lorenzo completes the lengthy process of hulling, roasting, and grinding his blue corn into flour. His unique blue corn seeds carry the history & stories of the people who have shared their seeds with him.

What’s Included in the Ingredient Kit?

Every participant will receive:

  • Lorenzo’s blue corn flour
  • New Mexico red chile powder
  • Onion
  • Squash
  • Corn
  • Stock
  • A whisk

How it Works:

  • Length: This experience is 90 minutes long, including time for cooking and team-building activities. 
  • Price: Starting at $1000 for groups up to 25, plus $50 per person per shipped ingredient kit 
  • Dietary Needs: All recipes include substitutions to accompany most dietary preferences and restrictions.
  • Platform: Classes are held on Zoom (or we can use your desired platform).
  • Includes: Once booked we will send you the recipe & shopping list to share with your team.
  • If you have any questions, please email

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