What is It?

An innovative nutrition and group cooking class that can easily sprout (or pop-up) on any local farm.

These experiences include engaging cooking classes that are outside on local farms where participants:

  • Learn how food is grown and about sustainability from the local farmer & Registered Dietitian
  • Split into groups and cook a nutritious recipe driven by seasonal produce
  • Sit down to share the meal we’ve all created!
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Why We Do It

The Sprouting Kitchen is on a mission to provide experiences that connect people to local, nourishing foods.


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Why Have a Cooking Class on a Farm?

I truly believe that the best place to learn about healthy foods is outside on a farm, where nourishing foods are growing all around us.

After many farmers in the community had shared how they wanted their farms to be a place to educate their communities, but they had limited time for outreach activities, I realized I could help. I could answer farmers’ desires by providing nutrition and cooking experiences on farms. Together, we connect people to nourishing foods and help build local community.

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Cooking on a Farm? What Does A Class Look Like? 

Meet Fallon

Fallon Bader, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN)

Founder & Owner

I am passionate about exploring the way food affects our lives – it can nourish us, ground us, and bring us together. Also, I want to make the way we teach about food and nutrition more engaging. When we are involved in the process of growing, harvesting, cooking, and sharing a meal together – the result is powerful. It creates a deeper sense of value for food and lays the foundation for healthy eating habits.

As an outpatient Dietitian at UNMH, I consulted patients 1:1 on nutrition therapy. Also, I served with FoodCorps, where I incorporated gardening, cooking, and nutrition education into schools. Additionally, I’ve led numerous hands-on cooking classes with diverse populations.  Now, I’ on a mission to connect the worlds of nutrition, cooking, and local farming communities.

What Participants Say

  • “The sprouting kitchen is a great experience that allows you to interact with your environment by picking your own food that you will cook and have engaging conversations with others in the class. It’s an amazing way to bring food and communities together”

    2019 Class Participant
  • “I really enjoyed taking Fallon’s class! it was a mellow morning that started off with yoga under a cottonwood tree, and a gathering of community members from many walks of life. We participated in an education and ate some good, local food! We learned how to make our own pickles and had a nice lunch with our local farmer!”

    2018 Participant