Spaghetti Squash Lasagna

A traditional Italian dish? While we commonly associate lasagna as an Italian meal, the actual origin of this dish is a topic of debate. The word lasagna comes from “laganon” – a Greek word which describes layers of pasta and sauce, and gives reason to believe that lasagna could originally be from Greece. There are also...
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top view of plate filled with fried rice

What’s in the Fridge Fried Rice

Fridge Leftovers Reinvented Turn leftover rice and vegetables into an easy and quick meal. All you need to do is add your choice of protein and add in some flavors (most of which can be found in your kitchen door). Whichever type of rice you have on hand you can create a flavorful and savory dish....
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Cauliflower Lentil Curry with Sesame Crispy Chickpeas

We love a good nutrient dense recipe over here! Just like the title suggests, nutrient dense foods are full of nutrients as well as vitamins and minerals (health promoting goodness!) while being low in saturated fats, added sugars and calories.   The best way to increase the nutrient density of your meals is to utilize a lot...
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plate of cooked butternut squash green chile paste bake

Butternut Squash Green Chile Pasta Bake

Comfort food with a New Mexican twist How can winter squash and green chile create a tasty dish? Winter squashes, like butternut squash, are great for baked meals. No matter what cooking method you use butternut squash retains its flavor, sweetness, and has a creamy texture. Prepping butternut squash can be intimidating but it is easier...
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Crispy Chickpeas and Steamed Kale

So why all this buzz around kale? This green has been in the limelight for a while now as a nutrient powerhouse and trendy salad base. Kale has been named one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet (!) packed with vitamin C, K, A and powerful antioxidants. This extremely healthy and versatile green...
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