Outdoor Cooking Classes

On Local Farms - Team Building

Looking for a fun way to build strong relationships amongst your team?

A way to celebrate your accomplishments? 

The Logistics:

  • A 2-hour cooking class at one our partner local farms.
  • There will be a brief farm tour, culinary demonstration, and then we’ll cook a meal together focused on seasonal farm-fresh produce.

Our Classes Build Strong Teams by Fostering:

  • Personal Relationships: we have built-in time to discuss family recipes and food memories amongst your team.
  • Inclusion: we encourage participants to work in groups with coworkers they don’t know as well.
  • Underlying Trust: groups must work together to create a recipe that will be shared with the larger group
**We believe food is the perfect medium to get to know each other. When there is shared understanding, people work better together.

A Meal That Everyone Will Enjoy

  • We choose delicious and well-liked recipes that even picky eaters will enjoy.
  • We choose approachable recipes that both the novice and experienced cook will have fun creating.
  • Our dietitian-led team are pros at accommodating most dietary restrictions and preferences (gluten-free, dairy-free, doesn’t like onions — we’ve seen it all!)

Who We’ve Cooked With 

In Their Words 

I really enjoyed the team building we had with the Sprouting Kitchen. We made a lot of things that I didn’t think were so easy to make and it really expanded my viewpoint about what’s doable in a normal kitchen. Not only was it (1) delicious! but, (2) laid out in a way that was very easy to do and follow along no matter your cooking skill. Also, I just love the concept of highlighting local farms and growers. From the farm tour and talking to the people who work the land it was an experience I’m looking forward to doing again! 10/10 would recommend.


Fallon lead our group of over 30 employees through an engaging and fun cooking class! Everyone left with a delicious meal and some new cooking techniques. We had been looking for a way to connect our employees, and this definitely hit the spot!

Colette JohnsonNBC Women's Network

Meet Your Culinary Instructor & Sprouting Kitchen Owner


Hi, I’m  Fallon Bader, a registered dietitian who loves using food as a medium to connect people. I teach cooking classes on local farms and virtually online. I’ve taught over 100 virtual cooking classes, and love the way it empowers people to feel confident in their home kitchens. I’m a graduate of Penn State, Cornell, and the University of New Mexico. I also lead a group of over 1200 dietitians who are dedicated to food security and sustainability.

I strongly believe that in order to mitigate climate change, we must support regenerative farmers, eat more plants, and cook at home more often (less plastic take-out boxes and forks, please!). I love working with teams who are excited to ignite positive change within their corporations and their individual actions. We’ve had numerous change-maker-farmers join our cooking classes, which participants said made them eager to support local and eat more nourishing foods.

True story: I’ve had a cooking class participant ask when I was going to have my own local cooking show – I guess you could say our cooking classes are fun, engaging, and inspire action!