Garden Pesto (aka beyond basil pesto!)

When you think of pesto, what comes to mind? Your first thought is probably basil, and then maybe parmesan cheese and pine nuts. Yes, basil makes a delicious and classic tasting pesto, but I challenge you to think beyond basil! Dream bigger than basil As you’ll see in the recipe, for the “greens” part of this...
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Why have a cooking class on a farm?

Let’s start with some background Some of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned about food, have been from hanging around farmers and plants. When I moved to Albuquerque, NM, I was a freshly minted Registered Dietitian. I wanted to learn more about growing food, so I joined FoodCorps, where I worked with schools to build school...
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Pan-Seared Radishes

For my inaugural recipe post, it feels fitting for the post to be about the dynamic radish. Ah radishes, at first bite they tend to be spicy, bitter, and pungent. No wonder they are usually sliced as thin as your knife-skills (or mandolin if your fancy) can handle. But that is where the magic of cooking...
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