Food Foundations

Experience deep connection & satisfaction from the food you eat

Does this sound familiar?

  • Cooking and eating feels like a chore, and is often stressful.
  • Healthy habits never seem to stick.
  • You feel like you’re drowning in the rat race of taking care of yourself (and those around you) while trying to live a balanced life under the pressures of our society. 

This course will guide you in:

  • Experiencing more joy from cooking and nourishing yourself (and those around you).
  • Establishing a foundation for creating long-term healthy and satisfying eating habits.
  • Using food as a tool to enjoy the small moments, because when we’re really paying attention, we experience more delight in our lives.

What the course includes:

5 Modules: A 3-step process broken up into 5 modules. Each week you’ll receive one of the modules delivered to your inbox via email.

Videos & Prompts: The resources for each module contain a brief (about 5-minute) video and writing prompts.

Recorded Recipe Videos: Each of the 3 steps contains a recorded recipe video where Fallon will walk you through cooking a recipe related to the course material.

Go at Your Own Pace: We recommend watching and completing the prompts each week, and if you follow our recommendation, the course should take 5 weeks to complete. Since all material is recorded or written, you can complete the course at your preferred pace as well.

Optional Check-Ins: We will have an optional weekly live Zoom meeting OR a WhatsApp group — so participants can ask questions and share reflections. We will take a poll to see which option is preferred.


$149, this price will go up next time we offer the course!

The course will begin on the Spring Equinox, Tuesday, March 19th.

This is also the last day to sign up. We will run this course four times a year: Winter Solstice, Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, and Fall Equinox.

Course Outline


  • Using food as a medium to tap into the seasons via our recipe database and produce calendar
  • Strategies for making time in nature a priority to ignite inspiration and motivate our food choices


  • How tapping into your local food system can profoundly change your life and your community
  • Ideas for small choices that can have a big impact and instill a sense of connection
  • Understanding how the value we place on food is a factor in how we experience consuming it 


  • Learning how to romanticize the daily small moments and celebrate the delights for more daily joy
  • Discuss mindful eating techniques, which can help with digestion and satisfaction of our meals

STEP 1 RECIPE VIDEO: A Warm Winter Meal Perfect for a Picnic


  • Despite time being our scarcest resource, how can we prioritize carving out time to nourish ourselves?
  • Learn how to use mindset as your most important tool. You can have all the knowledge and recipes in the world, but it’s your mindset and motivation that ultimately will lead you to long-lasting dedication and connection to nourishment.


  • Prompts for reflecting on what you’ve learned and what stood out during the course. 
  • Go over template for putting what you’ve learned into actionable steps for the future. 

STEP 3 RECIPE: Green Chile Winter Squash Pasta Bake

The Inspiration Behind the Course

This course has been growing in my mind for a while, and I’m so excited to bring it to life. I’ve taught hundreds of cooking classes — always with a focus on teaching cooking techniques, how to use different produce, and principles of nutrition. I’ve always felt that while sharing knowledge is valuable to one’s wellness, what is most important is someone’s connection to the Earth.

I first noticed this when working with kids in school gardens. At first, most of the students were uninterested in vegetables. When they were exposed to the vegetables in their garden by planting, attending, harvesting, and eventually eating them — they were much more likely to eat and enjoy that produce.

When I think about my own life and when I’ve felt the most alive, joyful, and fulfilled, it’s when I’m truly immersed in nature and feel in sync with the world around me. From backpacking miles into the woods without service to something as simple as going for a walk with no earbuds — just paying attention to what’s around me while outside is energizing.

So how can we be our most present, alive selves amongst the reality of our daily stressful, busy, and challenging lives?

During the growing season, we host cooking classes outside on local farms. It provides an opportunity to create that connection with our local food system, seasonal produce, and fellow community members.

This course will be our virtual version of this — a version that can be followed anywhere in the world, at any time during the year.

I hope that you can incorporate the topics and tools discussed in the course to live a more connected and joyful time on this planet!

NOTE: We will briefly touch on hunger cues and fullness, but this course will not go into principles of intuitive eating or eating disorders. Dietitians we recommend in this space are Ayana Habtemariam and Alissa Rumsey.

Meet Your Culinary Instructor & Sprouting Kitchen Owner

Hi, I’m  Fallon Bader, a registered dietitian who loves using food as a medium to connect people. I started my business, the Sprouting Kitchen, in 2019, teaching cooking classes outside on local farms in Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

Since then, our classes have empowered hundreds of people to turn seasonal produce into delicious meals that can nourish themselves and those around them. Our classes inspire community members to learn from farmers and see where their food comes from — which creates a deeper connection to our food system.

I’ve also taught several cooking classes and demos streaming from my kitchen to audiences all over the US and world! I love to enable participants to feel confident cooking from their own home kitchens.

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Reach out to Fallon at OR
message on social at @TheSproutingKitchen