How to make a slaw

So what is a “slaw”? At its core a slaw is a mixture of thinly sliced vegetables (sometimes fruits) mixed with a dressing. Once you understand the basics, you can build a slaw using what is seasonal, plus what will go well with your meal.

Here are some examples:

For fish tacos, a simple slaw of thinly sliced cabbage with lime, cumin, olive oil, and maybe some mayo or yogurt if you want the creaminess.

For a summer slaw that taste reminiscent of pickles, use a mix of veggies + something creamy, something acidic, and lots of dill!

For a refreshing and tangy slaw (kinda like that bagged “Asian slaw” you can get: Follow the “peanut sauce” dressing below – use sliced red cabbage, carrot, and bell peppers, and top it with sliced mango, peanuts, extra lime, and cilantro. (pictured to the left)

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