Get to know corn!

When is it seasonal? Summer to fall 


  • Sweet corn: what you usually find at supermarket or farmers market; sweet and juicy, making it desirable to eat fresh; usually yellow or white
  • Blue corn: historically grown by indigenous communities in the South West area. Usually roasted and then milled into a flour. 
  • There are so many other varieties and colors  of corn grown by different communities!

Nutrition: Corn is also naturally high in fiber, which supports digestion. It’s also a good source of the B vitamin, niacin, which becomes more bioavailable when soaked in a lime solution (this process is called nixtimalization).

Culinary Basics: Fresh corn can be boiled or grilled to make corn on the cob, dried to make popcorn, paired with other produce to make chowders, salsas and other dishes, and made into flour to make tortillas and baked goods. Corn pairs well with certain herbs and spices like basil, dill, parsley and oregano, other produce like tomatoes, peppers, onions and jalapeños, and many different kinds of meats like steak and lobster.