Mustard Greens

Get to know mustard greens!

When is it seasonal? Cooler seasons (spring, fall) 


  • There are many varieties of mustards ranging from flat leads, to textured and frizzled leaves. Most mustards green, but some have a purple color too!
  • Mustards have a mustardy-bite (yes, hence the name). Some varieties like mizuna, have a mild mustard taste, where some are a more pronounced mustard and bitter taste. 
  • This post displays different mustard varieties well!

Nutrition: High in vitamin K, Vitamin C, calcium, and fiber. Generally referred to as in the “dark leafy green” family and everyone can use more leafy greens in their diet!

Culinary Basics:

  • Mild mustard greens, like mizuna, can be eaten raw in a salad mix.
  • Most other varieties, need to be cooked to mellow their mustardy and peppery flavor a bit. Saute them with fat (olive oil, sesame oil, bacon grease), salt (plain old salt, soy sauce, anchovies), some acid (lemon, vinegar, wine) and maybe a touch of sweetness (honey, maple syrup) if it needs it! Mustards that are more tough and have a strong mustardy-bitter taste, will benefit from a lower, slower heat saute or braise.