Get to know turnips!

When is it seasonal? Cooler seasons (spring, fall) 

Highlighted Varieties: 

  • Hakurei: a Japanese variety, that are white, smaller, and sweet in taste. Sometimes referred to as “salad turnips” because they are great raw. You will be amazing but how sweet and tasty they are!
  • Purple top: like the name sounds, have a purple top. These have more spice and bitterness, that mellows and turns sweet when cooked.

Nutrition: The root (while bulb) is high in vitamin C and the leaves are high fiber, vitamin K, vitamin A, and folate. 

Culinary Basics:

  • Sweeter varieties are great for salads or quick sear in some oil or butter. Spicier turnips are better for boiling (then making into a mash), roasting (watch how sweet they get), or added to a stew. 
  • Save the turnip greens if you can! They are great to saute in garlic and oil, or to make a pesto!