Get to know radishes!

When is it seasonal? Cooler seasons (spring, fall) 


  • Pink/Red: These are the most common radishes in the US. They usually round and small, and have a peppery bite.
  • French breakfast: Pink and white and more long, oblong shaped.
  • Other colors: You can also find black, purple, and watermelon (hot pink inside with green outside) varieties!
  • Daikon: An asian variety that is usually white, long, and narrow, and much larger in size. Tends to have a less peppery flavor.

Nutrition: High in vitamin C, potassium and full of different antioxidants!

Culinary: Depending on the variety and age of the radish, the peppery bite can be more or less intense. When eaten raw, chopping or grating them thinly will minimize their peppery bite. Cooking them brings out their natural sweetness. All varieties are great for pickling!