Tomato & Cucumber Mediterranean Salad

Tomato & Cucumber Mediterranean Salad A quick, refreshing, and delicious salad with fresh parsley and a light lemony dressing! This salad goes well with spiced meats, crispy chickpeas, yogurt – or basically anything that needs some crunch! It kind of like a “Mediterranean Salsa”. Print Recipe Tomato & Cucumber Mediterranean Salad Prep Time20 minutes minsTotal...
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Corn and Broccoli Chowder

Corn and Broccoli Chowder This chowder is creamy, deeply flavorful, and satisfying. The recipe is also dairy-free by using coconut milk! It’s full of a variety of veggies, so it is also nutrient packed! Print Recipe Corn and Broccoli Chowder Prep Time20 minutes minsCook Time20 minutes minsTotal Time45 minutes mins Servings: 4 people Ingredients2 tablespoons olive oil1 medium...
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Peach Salsa

Peach Salsa This salsa is so wonderfully complex. It’s sweet, a little spicy, herby, limey, and has lots of texture going on. This salsa is a great way to take advantage of all the wonderful produce available right now! Eat this salsa with chips, or anything that needs a little extra flavor and crunch! Print...
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Zucchini Fritters

Zucchini Fritters These fritters are pretty simple but SO good. They get nice and crispy on the outside, but nice and fluffy on the outside. I love to add corn and green chile for a calabacitas style fritter. Feel free to double the recipe as these tend to get eaten up fast! Print Recipe 5...
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Summer Panzanella

Summer Panzanella The recipe is a classic, Italian dish that makes the most out of a crusty, stale piece of bread and the summer’s best produce. It’s important to find the best tomatoes you can – you want them ripe and juicy. There is nothing like a local, summer tomato, so try to find some...
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How to make a slaw

How to make a slaw So what is a “slaw”? At its core a slaw is a mixture of thinly sliced vegetables (sometimes fruits) mixed with a dressing. Once you understand the basics, you can build a slaw using what is seasonal, plus what will go well with your meal. Here are some examples: For...
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Summer Squash & Sausage Tacos

Summer Squash & Sausage Tacos This is one of those meals when you want something this is quick, tasty, balanced, and doesn’t require turning the oven on. Tacos are so versatile – you can really put anything in them! I find myself putting scrambled eggs (breakfast tacos anyone?), and really any tasty protein/veggie mixture! Corn...
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Why have a cooking class on a farm?

Let’s start with some background Some of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned about food, have been from hanging around farmers and plants. When I moved to Albuquerque, NM, I was a freshly minted Registered Dietitian. I wanted to learn more about growing food, so I joined FoodCorps, where I worked with schools to build...
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